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Celebrate FBC’s 20th Anniversary!

Believe it or not, FBC has been advocating for a just budget for all DC residents for 20 years now. We think that’s worth celebrating. On Friday, November 7, we’ll be gathering at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law to share stories, cocktails, reminiscences, appetizers, reflections, and visions for a more equitable...

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Council Passes the Budget Request Act with Human Needs a Major Priority!

The Budget Request Act was passed successfully yesterday, May 28th, by the DC Council. The second vote on the Budget Support Act will happen on June 11. We want to give our profound congratulations to all Fair Budget members, volunteers and allies who have worked so hard to win funding for these programs. Thank you for standing with...

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Think DC Has Gentrified? A New Proposed Council Bill Will Make It Even More So

By Angie Rogers May 22, 2014 The DC Council has introduced legislation that would change how long a homeownership unit must remain affordable when it is subsidized by the Housing Production Trust Fund—DC’s main source for affordable housing construction and renovation.  Right now, homeownership units subsidized by the HPTF...

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“Close the Divide” Action & Public Forum: May 23

            The DC Council is in its final stage of deciding what programs should get funded in the DC budget. Do you want to see more adult literacy? Less homelessness? Good jobs? More affordable housing? Then stand with us at Fair Budget’s final action before the budget vote:   Close the...

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